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“I strongly believe that art should be something everyone can afford”  

A portrait, a special place, a gift…


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Watercolour (prices are approximate):

40X30 cm – 80€
60×40 – 100€
100x60cm – 170€

Oil, prices will vary in accordance with the canvas size. Send an email requesting price details.

Other techniques: Please ask for details.

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All that remains is to wait for your commission to be transformed into art and delivered to your home in perfect condition. We will send photos to provide you with ongoing updates of the creative process.


The word oil comes from the Latin oleum and is a painting technique consisting of mixing pigments with an oil-based binder, normally of vegetable origin. ​

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Watercolour (also known as ‘aquarelle’, from the Italian acuarella) is a style of painting on paper or card using colours diluted in water.